IMG_0302The information provided in the NeckSafe programme is distilled from a wealth of experience from a front-line Doctor and is dedicated to the prevention of trauma-related paraplegia, paraparesis, tetraplegia, tetraparesis and encephalopathy

As a medical professional in high demand, Dr Adrian Cohen has supervised the planning, establishment and operation of first responder medical care around the globe.

Dr Cohen has provided medical care to mine workers, film crews, athletes and sports fans in urban and remote locations. He has managed care for exceptionally fit rugby league players in the NRL, obese contestants in “The Biggest Loser” and contestants facing extreme physical conditions in “Survivor”.

From the world’s most inhospitable working environments to massive sports stadia, his teams have treated severe accidents and life-threatening conditions, with the expertise and calm precision necessary to minimise risk and ensure positive outcomes.

You can capitalise on this exceptional experience, through the NeckSafe course, which provides practical instructions and exhaustive consideration of a multitude of circumstances.

Successful completion results in the award of the nationally recognised credential:

PUAEME004A Provide Emergency Care for Suspected Spinal Injury


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