The NeckSafe training course can be undertaken online via our eLearning interface, or as a face-face3-minutes course for ten or more people.

Happily the key points can be explained (and taught) in as little as 3 minutes!

Suspect a “SPINAL” injury

S suspicious injury mechanism

  • Fall > 1 metre or 5 stairs
  • Axial load to head e.g. diving
  • MVA > 100km/hr, roll-over or ejection
  • Collision involving pedestrians or recreational vehicles e.g. quad bike, jet-ski, bicycle or skateboard

P pain or tenderness in midline spinal region

I intoxication with medication, alcohol or illicit drugs

N numbness, tingling or either sensory or motor loss

A any distracting painful injury

L level of consciousness alteration

Send for help….NOW!!!

Reassure the injured person

Head in Neutral Position

Manual Inline Support

If trained:

  • Cervical Collar
  • Spineboard
  • Head Immobilisation Device (“headbed”)

If not trained: await ambulance or other help

Spinal Injury Eco Challenge

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