Our Vision

To eliminate preventable head and neck injuries.

Our Mission

Necksafe is committed to eliminating preventable head and neck injuries through awareness, advocacy, education and research.

Our Objectives

  1. To increase community awareness about the importance of appropriately managing head and neck injuries when they first occur and prompting support of Necksafe:
  • To raise Necksafe profile at government, ambulance, First Responder and sporting body level140222 NeckSafe Training Norwest (13)2

2. To advocate for head and neck injury regulations, education, training and research:

  • To have all major sporting codes recognise the importance of head and neck education and implement programmes
  • Promote an Australian version of the Zach Lystedt Concussion Law

3. To educate First Responders in the bet practice management of head and neck injuries

  • To sell online and face-to-face training in head and neck injury management

4. To  conduct research into preventable head and neck injury:

  • Undertake pre- and post-course competency and confidence assessment
  • International practice in first response head and neck injury equipment
  • Head Injury Impact Monitoring in sport using biosensors

5. To generate significant funding:

  • through the sale of training, products and consultancy
  • by activities and campaigns which will raise awareness

6. To establish a membership base for ongoing acquisition of funds, donations, bequests etc and involvement in activities, raising awareness and furthering the other objectives of Necksafe

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