Dr. Adrian Cohen

Adrian is the founder of Necksafe and has over 30 years in pre-hospital care. Awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship to study Trauma Management in European Emergency Services, he has had the opportunity both here and abroad to review head and neck injury management first hand. Adrian has led medical teams in over 30 countries and specialises in hands-on trauma care in remote areas, and in the management of complex programmes and systems. His passion and drive are key elements in the success of Necksafe since its inception.

Ms. Liz Cohen

Liz has worked in the education, disability and health sectors for the last 30 years and currently holds the position of EGM Client Services of Can:Do Group comprising of 2 organisations delivering services to children and people with a sensory impairment. Liz seeks to make a tangible difference for people living with a disability and believes strongly in an inclusive community and person centred practice. Liz holds a strong skill set and will bring significant expertise to Necksafe in business development, relationship and partnership building, leadership, strategic management and working in the not for profit sector.

Dr. Craig Donaldson

Craig’s specialist qualification in ophthalmology was obtained at the Sydney Eye Hospital and a number of associated hospitals in Sydney and NSW country. He is currently involved with registrar and medical student training and has lectured extensively in Australia and overseas and has numerous peer reviewed publications concerning paediatrics and strabismus. He acts as the external examiner in General Ophthalmology for the Hong Kong College of Ophthalmology and is a Staff Specialist at Westmead Children’s Hospital and a visiting medical officer at Sydney Children’s Hospital where he is head of the strabismus unit which services adults and children. Craig continues a keen interest in medicine with activity is sport as a participant and expert coach, and knows first-hand how important the acute on-field management of head and neck injuries can be, expertise is vital to Necksafe.

Mr. Roger Graham

Roger has a wide range of experience and a 35 year training base that’s makes him a subject matter expert in many areas including rigging and pre-hospital medical response. Roger has university training in all aspects of the physical and legal requirements of reports and risk assessments. Roger contributes to Necksafe with his “can-do” attitude. His skills in preparing, managing and contributing to head and neck injury prevention is invaluable. He empowers and educates all those around him in workplace safety to ensure everyone walks away safely. Roger’s holistic approach to workplace safety, knowledge of medical issues and legal issues makes him truly unique and an asset to Necksafe.

Ms. Susan Shing

susan shing

Susan is a senior executive with extensive experience in Financial Services, Information Technology, Management Consulting and Charted Accountancy. Levaraging her ability to think at both a strategic and tactical level, the experiences gained through her diverse roles as delivery executiv, service provieder, program director and management consultant, coupled with her industry experience, Susas is able to provide innovative and creative approaches to Necksafe’s business challenges and develop practical, action oriented plans to deliver solutions.

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