NeckSafe Level 1 Course

Welcome to the NeckSafe Level 1 course in the acute management of spinal injury.

This training program is specifically designed for those sports trainers, coaches, players and parents will be first at the scene of an accident or injury, the first responders, so that they are able to appreciate the potential for spinal-cord injury and appropriately protect an injured person.

This course contains several activities to allow assessment of the theoretical components of NeckSafe. Upon satisfactorily completing the course, the practical components can be assessed against the competency guidelines which are enclosed by the most appropriate, local medical resource available at your location (such as a doctor, senior medical officer, specialist sports trainer etc.)


This course is divided into Lessons, each of which have Topics followed by an Assessment Quiz.

You cannot move onto the next Lesson until you have completed each of the Topics in order, followed by the Assessment Quiz.

After each page, select the “Mark Completed” button.

You can  return to the “Previous Topic”at any time by selecting that button.


READY TO START? Select “TAKE THIS COURSE” below to create a Username and Login, and thereafter the Lesson you wish to complete (starting with “COURSE INTRODUCTION”)

Course Materials

Internet access, computer, printer

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