Concussion is a problem

There can be no doubt that concussion is a significant and growing problem in sport, reflected by increased hospital presentations and ongoing morbidity.
Nonetheless, it is estimated that more than 80% go unreported and therefore unmanaged.
When professional athletes are asked whether they have had a concussion in the past, less than 10% volunteer the diagnosis.
However, when the questioning is more specific as to whether they had ever been knocked out, dazed following an impact, confused or amnesic after a match or had to sit out a match or been asked in more colloquial terms (such as enquiring whether they have ever “had their bell rung” or been “dinged”) then the overwhelming majority respond positively

  • More than 3,800,000 Sports Brain Injuries / year
  • 300,000 / year result in loss of consciousness
  • Over 250,000 SBI in high school football / year
  • ER visits more than tripled in the past 5 years
  • More than 80% go unreported, unmanaged
Concussion 2

Concussion 2

Increasing incidence of hospitalisation for sport-related concussion in Victoria, Australia

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