Baseline Cognitive Testing

Baseline cognitive testing is an important tool for diagnosing and managing Concussion.
Wherever possible it should be undertaken at the beginning of athlete career or any case before the season of play commences.

Serial cognitive studies can form an historical picture of an athlete’s cognitive performance and server as a reference for assessing them after an injury.
They are also invaluable during the return to play process during which time it is possible to gauge performance against their abilities prior to injury.
There are a variety Baseline cognitive testing tools available and many of these are combined into total concussion management systems incorporating pre-season, post injury and return to play information with data obtained from impact sensors and, potentially, biological markers of concussion.


  • Pre-career, pre-season
  • Basis of a “Concussion Passport”
  • Referenced post injury and during Return to Play (RTP)
  • Various tools
  • Axon Cogstate
  • ImPACT
  • Sport Concussion Assessment Tool  (SCAT3 includes SAC, BESS etc)
  •  X2 Integrated Concussion Assessment(ICE)
  • King Devick (KD) Saccadic Test


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