Sideline Assessment


The hallmarks to treatment are the 5 “R’s” of concussion:
Recognise that it may have occurred, using direct visualisation, live video feeds or real-time impact monitoring
Remove from play (at elite level whilst Head Injury Assessment or Pitch Side Concussion Assessment completed
Refer for follow up by property trained professional
Rest, both cognitive and physical
Return to play in step-wise or graduated sequence

There are a variety of assessment tools to assist the diagnosis of suspected concussion.

Various tools

  • Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC)
  • Symptom Assessment
  • Balance Error Scoring System (BESS)
  • Sport Concussion Assessment Tool  (SCAT3 includes SAC, BESS, others)
  • Zurich Concussion Recognition Tool
  • King-Devick test

Whilst these sideline assessment tools for a valuable part of the diagnosis they should never replace sound clinical judgement: when in doubt, sit them out!
And remember the best clinical tool is a good pair of well-trained eyes!!

  • The best sideline assessment tool is a pair of experienced eyes

When in doubt, sit them out

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