First Responder

First responder is a smart phone application which can be used to help recognise the features of concussion with this specific warnings that the player should be taken immediately to hospital.
The information from the assessment can be saved online and provided for healthcare professionals to examine as part of their evaluation of the patient.

FirstResponder™ can be used on the sideline by a responsible adult caring for athlete’s ? 5 years of age to record valuable concussion information that a doctor wants to know.

FirstResponder™ helps you to recognise the features of concussion, warns you when to go to hospital and guides you to a Concussion Care Provider

A summary report can be saved and emailed.

A link directs the First Responder to Concussion Care Providers.


The first responder app also includes a list of medical doctors who can further assist in the management of a player who has suffered a head injury.


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