Stepwise Return to Play

It is important to reiterate that no return to play programme be commenced until all symptoms have abated both at rest and with any activity.
The next step is light aerobic activity of a general nature, for example running or gym work, followed by sport specific training.
Non-contact training drills can then be commenced before full contact training can be allowed.
Finally returned to gameplay marks the end of the sequence.
The minimum time to return to play following a concussive episode is seven days and there are no short cuts.
Some studies even go as far as suggesting cerebral blood flow does not return to normal until 10-14 days.

  • No activity until asymptomatic
  • Light aerobic activity
  • Sport-specific training
  • Non-contact training drills
  • Full contact training after medically cleared
  • Game play

The minimum time in stepwise return to play is 7 days

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