Return to Play

Returning to play is an important consideration all patients who suffered a brain injury, even a mild traumatic brain injury concussion.
The player must not be allowed to return to play until they are completely free of symptoms both at rest and with exertion.
There cognitive studies should have returned to pre-injury levels.
Therefore if concussion is suspected they must be removed from the practice or game and not allowed to return that same day.
Medical clearance to return must be sought and only provided by a qualified professional with experience of the concussive process.

  • No return to play in an acute concussion until
    • Asymptomatic at rest
    • Asymptomatic with exertion
    • Have completed full ‘Return to Play’ progression
    • Cognitively back to baseline

If concussion is suspected

  • Pull from practice/game
  • No return to play same day
  • Medical evaluation and clearance before return

There is no defined timeframe for returning to play and it may vary widely between individuals.
A progressive, stepwise approach is warranted and progression should be halted if there is no improvement at any of the stages.

  • Do not allow to return to game/practice if suspected or diagnosed concussion on day of injury
  • Do not allow return to play/practice/exertion until asymptomatic at rest
  • Not a defined, set time frame (ie, 7 days, 2 weeks, etc.)
  • Progressive, stepwise approach to return to play
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