What to avoid in the first 48 hours

The first 48 hours post-concussion are critical to minimising risks from concussion and ensuring an optimal recovery.
During this period parents, coaches, teachers and other responsible adults are encouraged to monitor the athlete as closely as possible for the onset of signs of more severe complications.
If discharged from hospital, ensure the athlete is under the supervision of a responsible adult.
After being discharged from ED, make an appointment with your GP doctor to start the return to school and sport process.

The risks of bleeding into the skull or brain substance may manifest hours or even days after the head trauma.
Note these bleeds are not regarded as concussion but as separate diagnoses (e.g. subdural or epidural haematoma)

In the first 48 hours, it is imperative to avoid:

  • Any Alcohol consumption
  • Driving a motor vehicle.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication and aspirin (which may precipitate bleeding inside the skull)
  • Bright light and loud noise
  • Computers, video-games and television
  • Mobile devices for longer than one to two hours each day.
  • ANY Exercise, until cleared by a medical doctor.


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