X2 ICE (Intergrated Concussion Examination)

The X2 integrated concussion assessment is another online tool which can be administered using a computer or compatible smartphone or tablet.
It integrates information from the SCAT3 and NFL standardised concussion assessments and has the added potential to be able to include impact data from sensors worn on the player.

  • The X2 ICE is a fully integrated, cloud-based concussion management software system.
  • Drawn from the SCAT-2, SCAT-3, and NFL concussion assessment protocols, the X2 ICE provides an unprecedented degree of completeness, efficiency, accuracy of care, all in an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-connected iOS mobile platform.
  • Developed specifically for healthcare providers in athletic contexts, the X2 ICE provides real time, multi-factor baseline comparison for rapid highlighting of post-injury deficiencies that help to verify or dismiss a suspected concussion.
  • The brain health of athletes is tracked throughout their entire careers by the X2 ICE as they progress through levels of competition and engage in different activities.
  • X2 ICE helps organisations to build long term profiles of concussion assessment, recovery and return-to-play.

It can also be used to provide baseline cognitive information for comparison post injury during a return to play process.


Data from an entire team can be included and managed as part of an overall concussion program.


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